I used to think it was a bad thing to be armed and dangerous until, I met a woman with her own mind. – Sasha Cesar

Who is the Founder?

I was raised in the sunny valleys of Southern California. From young, I always had the dream of moving to New York and making it big. An NYU admission was my ticket to the city and four years later is when the real-world grind began. However, three promotions and three degrees later I still felt like something was missing. After all, what good are titles and plaques without purpose?

So I did some soul-searching and determined that my purpose is to encourage underrepresented millennials everywhere to live a positive lifestyle. Then I determined that my passion for writing would be the avenue to actualize my purpose. Thus, Fierce Daily was born.

What is Fierce Daily?

Fierce Daily is a positive lifestyle platform, network, and forum. Fierce Daily provides a safe environment for millennials and women everywhere to voice their truths, discuss their concerns, advocate positive vibes, and encourage one another in the categories of love, life, and career. The Forums are the hub of Fierce Daily because it allows us to connect, support, and motivate each other via transfers of knowledge and open communication channels.

Why Fierce Daily?

My exposure to and experience in business, education, and relationships makes me a burbling fountain of information and enlightenment. I’m here to engage and participate so you will see me all up and through the forums and posts commenting, posting, replying, and encouraging! Nothing gives me more joy than giving advice and dropping pearls of wisdom & positivity in such a way that it does something constructive in another person’s life. 

Besides, we women need to stick together so what better way to start than to build a network of superwomen…and men. I’m here for it! Yaaasssss.

Plus we have FREE Boss Life classes, events, and scholarships! Can I get a whoop whoop?

If you feel like chatting some more or have a personal story to share just hit me up at sasha@fiercedaily.com and give me some More Life. Blessings until then!

– Sasha Cesar MBA, MS